grünBAG bags are environmentally friendly and durable. We are working for a greener future with an emphasis on recycling. That is why we pay close attention to the things that our society otherwise regards as a disposable product. The result is a colorful collection of grünBAG bags that provide a unique and environmentally friendly alternative for everyone.

90% of all of the materials we at grünBAG use are recycled materials. We always work towards zero waste approach in our company and are constantly on the outlook for new sustainable materials. Our focus is both on the reuse of materials and on a classic, simple design for everyday use.

Today, we offer our colorful collection for those who value sustainability and quality. Produced with waterproof materials, our backpacks are perfect for any occasion. Our grünBAG bags are therefore suitable for any adventure.

We always strive to integrate alternative and sustainable materials in our bags in a creative way. Every material is tested for its potential and used for products such as bags, pencil cases or sports bags. Each of our grünBAG bags is unique and we are very proud of it.


“I will recommend this company if anyone is searching for a sustainable, vegan, durable, waterproof bag made from a company that truly seems to care a lot about all the important things (or just anyone looking for a good bag!). I can’t be more happy with this fantastic bag! It feels like the future – made to last, with love. It gets all the stars in my book! Thank you, grünBAG, for creating such an amazing product!”

InaMarch 2020

I truly appreciate what this company is working toward and working for. It really seems to me that this is a people and planet over profit type of company, and it warms my heart. Thank you so much for your dedication to a better world

JackFebruary, 2020
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