2000 Blue Water Shipping bags

When Blue Water Shipping celebrated their 50th anniversary in September 2022, they did it in style! 1,000 clients and customers were invited to the grand reception at Blue Water Arena followed by a free concert in Vognsbølparken in Esbjerg where the entire city was invited. A few days later, all employees were invited from all over the world to celebrate the jubilee.

2000 customized GRÜNBAGs for all employees

At the employee celebration all employees received a customized GRÜNBAG Carry Computerbag along with other goodies. Blue Water Shipping decided to go with GRÜNBAGs after considering using their own used tarpaulin. They found out that the process with their own tarpaulin was long and expensive - since it needed to be washed and cleaned before use. The fully recycled bags from GRÜNBAG made from surplus material from tarpaulin production matched Blue Water Shippings wish to give a sustainable bag to their employees. Søren N. Thomsen, CEO at Blue Water Shipping says: “Choosing a sustainable bag was an important signal to send to our employees and partners”.

What does sustainability mean to Blue Water Shipping?

At Blue Water Shipping they have implemented several green solutions to reduce CO2 footprints. They make sure that it is not only the actions of their employees but also their partnerships with customers and operators that are based on sustainable solutions.

Blue Water Shipping has implemented a number of green initiatives to minimize their footprint in the daily operations, eg: Wind energy, solar power, load optimisation systems, hybrid/electric cars, CO2 calculator, EURO norm, reduced plastic packaging and fossil free fuels.

Their green ambitions are to:

  • Engage in sustainable partnerships with significant players to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals agenda
  • Commit themselves to the global Sustainability Development Goals, focusing especially on goals 3, 12, 13, 16 supported by goal number 17

“The fully recycled bags from GRÜNBAG fit our green ambition perfectly. The bags are made from recycled and sustainable materials and designed to last for decades. It is an important message to send to our employees and friends, and along with that we love to support another Danish company”, CEO for Blue Water Shipping, Søren N. Thomsen says.

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Blue Water Shipping orders 2000 GRÜNBAGs