Legal name: GRÜNBAG Aps.

Organizational form: Private limited company

CVR nr.: 31622417

Address: Axel Gruhns Vej 10, DK-8270 Højbjerg


Phone: +45 2818 5599


About privacy protection

Your privacy is important to us. To inform you about-  and to better protect your privacy, we will explain our online information practices and the choices you can make about how your information is collected and used. This privacy policy will be available on our website througout any time where personally identifiable information may be requested.


What information do we collect?

This statement applies to all information collected on GRÜNBAG’s website: On the website you can order products in the webshop, you can contact us via our contact form, you can register as a customer and you can sign up for our newsletter. The type of information we collect is the following:

Phone number
Kredit/Debit card information

The personal data is registered with GRÜNBAG Aps and stored for 5 years. After the 5 years, the information will be permanentally deleted.


How we use the information?

By order:
The information you give us when you place an order with us, we use exclusively to complete this order. Name and address we will use for shipment. Your e-mail address will be used to send order confirmation and invoice as well as to send shipping information from our freight suppliers. Your phone number is used in cases where, for security reasons, we need to verify you as a customer. We do not share this information with external partners except to the extent necessary to complete the order. GRÜNBAG encrypts all your card information with the so-called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that unauthorized persons can not read your card number or other information during the transaction with PBS.

For inquiries via contact form:
We use your e-mail address to answer your inquiry. In this case, your email will not be used for other purposes and we will not share your email with external partners.

By registering as a customer or as a newsletter recipient:
You can register on our website, for example, if you would like to receive our newsletter or if you would like us to store your customer information for the next time you shop with us. Information you send to us in these cases will be used solely for these purposes and retrieved by your active sign-up.


Our data security

In order to prevent unauthorized access to, ensure accuracy of and accurately use of the information we store, we have introduced appropriate physical, electronic and management procedures. We therefore ensure that the electronic systems we use allow you to know what information we have about you and that you can delete them on request. In terms of management, we have appointed a data manager at GRÜNBAG.

Data Controller:
Owner: Jens Peter Andersen
Phone: +45 2483 9955

In case of breach of data security feel free to contact our data controller, who will take the necessary steps to clarify and correct our data processing so that it will comply with the applicable law.


Data processing agreements

As part of the operation of a website and a webshop, we share information with necessary collaborators. We have entered into data processing agreements with these partners. This applies to the following:

  • Freight system:
  • Newsletters: Mailchimp
  • Website host: SiteGround
  • Economics program: e-conomic
  • Payment initiator: Bambora / EPAY
  • Nets


Protection of children’s privacy

We do not collect and store information on children we know to be under 13 years old. Furthermore, our website is not structured or designed to target or attract people under 13 years.


How to access or correct your information

On request via you can access all of your personally identifiable information that we collect online. We will make reasonable procedures to confirm your identity before we provide your information. We use this procedure to protect your – and others – identity. You can also correct any errors in your personally identifiable information by sending us a request.



Cookies and their benefits for you

Like most websites, we at use cookies as a way to provide you with the best user experience we can. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, mobile phone or tablet when browsing websites.


The cookies we use help us to:

  • Get our website to work as our users will expect it to
  • Make sure you are able to log in every time you visit the page
  • Remember your settings during your visits to different pages
  • Improve the speed and safety of the page
  • Allow you to share pages with your social networks such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Customize our website specifically for you so you can find what you’re looking for faster
  • Improve our website
  • Make our marketing more effective

We do not use cookies to:

  • Collect personally identifiable information without your explicit consent
  • Collect sensitive information without your explicit consent
  • Provide personal identifiable information to third parties
  • Pay commission fees to our employees


Below you can read more about the cookies we use


Permission for us to use cookies

By visiting our website, you will be informed that we are using cookies and you must give your consent. The “Accept Cookies” checkbox has a link to this cookie and privacy policy.

Here you can read which cookies we use, what we use them for, and how to avoid the use of cookies. Should you wish to remove or not use cookies on our website, you will find a guide on how to do it below. Please be aware, however, that our website will not work completely as we expect it to without the use of cookies.


Cookies that ensure the functionality of the website (first party cookies)

We use cookies to make our website work, including:

  • To enable our shopping cart and check-out process features
  • To determine if you are logged in or not logged in
  • To remember your searches on the page
  • To remember if you have accepted our terms of trade
  • To show you which pages you’ve visited recently
  • To allow you to add comments on our site
  • To show content to you as we suppose you are interested in based on your activity on the website
  • To remember if we have already asked you about specific questions (for example, if you want to subscribe to our newsletter)


There is no way to avoid these cookies except for not using our website.


Third Party Cookies

On our website, some of the features are provided by a company other than ourselves. So-called “third party features” that also use cookies. An example of those could be a youtube video displayed on an offered product.

Social website cookies
In order for you to “like” or share our content on your prefered social media site, we’ve added “sharing buttons” on our site. The following social webpage cookies use: Facebook, Twitter, google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Vk and Reddit

It is your own privacy settings on the given social media that govern how your information is used when you share our content.

Cookies that help improve the website
We regularly test various features on our website. We do this by displaying two different versions of our website to different visitors and anonymously detecting how our visitors respond to these different versions. Ultimately, it helps us make a better website.

We use the following: Optimizely

Cookies that make anonymous visitor statistics
We use cookies to collect visitor data about how many people visit the site, what kind of technology they use (such as Mac or Windows, laptop, phone, or tablet). It helps us identify when something does not work properly for a particular type of technology or device. We also record how long our visitors spend on the website and what page they visit. All of this data is anonymous and helps us investigate where our visitors came from (search engine, for example) and if they have visited us before.

We use: Google Analytics

Advertising Cookies
Cookies are widely used in online marketing. Neither we nor our marketing partners can collect personal data from these cookies.
You can learn more about online marketing at

Remarketing Cookies
You may have noticed that after a visit to a website, you are seeing an increasing number of advertisements from just the page you visited. This is because companies (like us) pay for these advertisements. We do that because we would like you to come back to our website and it is made possible through so-called “remarketing cookies”. These cookies do not allow us to contact you directly, it is completely anonymized, and you can emit these cookies at any time.

We use: Facebook and Google Adwords


Turn cookies off

You can control whether you want to allow or remove cookies. This is done through the settings of the browser you are using (see instructions below). If you remove cookies, the usability of the functions dependent on cookies may be reduced or lost.

Microsoft Internet Explorer cookie guide in Danish
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Contact us
If you have questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please email us at