We always create our GRÜNBAG company bags in close collaboration with the customer, allowing us to design the perfect bags according to their needs. In collaboration with DHL Consulting, it was important to create a bag that could accommodate the essentials for their consultants and was handy to take on the go, which is why the choice fell on our sleeve.

Unique and Functional Sleeves

In December 2023, DHL Consulting reached out to GRÜNBAG with the purpose of creating a sleeve with their very own unique branding (colors & logo) and numbering. Designed to be functional and stylish, our sleeve offers the versatility and durability necessary for DHL Consulting's busy work environment. Made from recycled and upcycled materials, it perfectly aligns with the DHL Group's commitment to sustainability. After the consultants received their new laptop sleeve, the sustainability factor as well as it’s functionality, really stood out to them.

What does this mean for DHL?

DHL Consulting’s Bonn, Germany-based team members now have the opportunity to proudly display their eco-friendly laptop sleeves from GRÜNBAG, not only enhancing their daily work and travel experiences but also embodying a commitment to sustainability. Employees particularly praise the sleeve for its exceptional quality, highlighting its durability in both appearance and feel. Within DHL’s consulting department, the new sleeve seamlessly aligns with the professional vibe they aim to convey in their work.

Here at GRÜNBAG, we are always happy to accommodate our customers' needs, and it's truly rewarding for us as a company to hear when our product is well-received by the customer. That's what we always strive for.

A sleeve with a long lasting-life

At GRÜNBAG, we handpick our materials, meaning we always deliver a durable and long-lasting bag that you can enjoy for many years.

This collaboration is evidence of our commitment to providing sustainable solutions that make a difference. We are proud to work with visionary companies like DHL to create products that not only meet their needs but also contribute to a greener future.

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