At GRÜNBAG we are always on a mission to save materials from being wasted and designing statement pieces with a pre-loved story. The GRÜNBAG Leather Bag collection was born out of that mission and includes a series of upcycled online exclusive bags designed and handmade from retired leather furniture sourced from Godt gjort in Northern Denmark. Godt gjort is a company that sorts discarded furniture that is handed in at the recycling stations in Northern Denmark. The items that cannot be sold second-hand due to discoloration or holes and that otherwise would be burnt are given a new value by upcycling the leather to make the best use of all resources. The leather is washed, processed, and delivered to our design atelier in Aarhus where we give it new life as beautiful leather bags. 


The collection includes four styles with a focus on minimalistic, stylish design with high quality combined with thought-out functionality. Vintage materials like used leather come with their own history and possible little marks and signs from their first life, which makes every bag distinct and gives each piece its very own expression. 


Leather is a resource-intense material, with a high carbon footprint and upcycling leather effectively reduces chemical use, water consumption, and waste. And we love rethinking waste into potential. In a world with limited resources and climate change on everyone's main agendas, we are thinking circular, and are designing our bag collection from sustainable resources which are mainly up- & recycled. A leather sofa can circulate a number of times as second-hand furniture among consumers. One day the sofa may get a hole, a big stain, or no longer meets the standard, and needs to retire. Yet the leather component can transform into a new life. We believe such durable and beautiful material is a wonderful addition to our material universe.