orange viking lifebag case from grünbag

VIKING Lifebag

Our VIKING bags are designed in a creative collaboration between grünBAG and VIKING Life-Saving Equipment. We combine recycling and industrial design into a collection of quality and functional bags. Bags with a unique story. The collection consists of grünBAG’s well-known and popular models such as our backpacks, toiletry bags and pencil cases. We also introduce the large and spacious Sport and Sport Maxi bags. We are constantly developing the LifeBag collection and will continuously introduce new models in the beautiful orange color.

Our VIKING bags are made of recycled material from VIKING’s life-saving equipment. Each and every millimeter of their discarded liferafts are examined for recycling purpose. VIKING’s equipment is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions at sea. The material is therefore both water-resistant and durable. This makes the Lifebag bags extremely practical and durable. At sea, the orange color is used as an eye-catcher for rescue vessels, so with a Lifebag you will definitely stand out from the crowd.