white sustainable backpack redgreen from grünbag


REDGREEN by grünBAG is a collaboration between two danish companies. Both companies are deeply anchored in the Nordic tradition grown from the maritime lifestyle. With a strong vision for Nordic design, this collection provides stylish and sustainable bags, suited for all purposes. The bags are produced from reused, white sails fabric, which have outlived their purpose on various sailboats.

Established in Denmark in 1983, REDGREEN has always been true to its roots. Over the years REDGREEN has maintained its focus on a unique concept, blending nautical fashion, clean-cut design, premium quality and functional concepts into elegant and classic Nordic collections.

Durable bags from reused white sails

Sails are made of tight woven fabric, which is a strong and extremely durable fabric. Moreover, the sail has some distinctive zig-zag stitches that provide unique details to each bag. As a referral to the signature colors of REDGREEN we add red and green stitches to these details. Red and green are inherited from the backboard (red, left) and starboard (green, right) on a boat. In fact REDGREEN is the only brand in the world whose icon is an internationally accepted nautical symbol, and an icon for sailors around the world.

The recycled white sails are beautiful. Furthermore the sails have some outstanding properties for bags design, due to its abrasion resistance and ability to hold its shape. All bags are lined with white tarpaulin, which is a surplus material from the production of party tents in Denmark. Precisely, the white tarpaulin has been cut out, where the party tents must have doors and windows. The white tarpaulin is an unused material that appears completely new and clean.

Strong zero waste approach

All REDGREEN by grünBAG bags are designed from a strong zero-waste vision. This is partly reflected in our use of sustainable and recycled materials, and partly in the high quality of our bags. This means that all bags from REDGREEN by grünBAG will last for a long period of time even with a regular and everyday use.