5 grünBAG Products to Gift This Christmas

Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go…… we’ll show you 5 grünBAG products that make the perfect Christmas gifts

1. Laptop Sleeve – for the grünBAG Collector

Sort computer Sleeve med lomme

Launched right in time for Christmas, our laptop sleves are waterproof, sturdy and the perfect protection for your every day electronics. The design is made to ensure quick and easy access. The soft lining goes up into the folding closure. This way, it provides protection all the way around all edges of your computer.

2. Alden Backpack – for the Neat Freak

“Travel more” is big on our bucket list for the new year. With our Alden Backpack, we can do exactly that in a stylish and organised way. The many departments and organisational system of the Alden backpack make sure things don’t get lost on the bottom of the bag and we love the padded computer department. It is a bag that was developed with journalist and travel blogger Alden Wicker, founder of Ecocult. Since it’s launch, this backpack has become a customer favorite and we absolutely understand why!

3. Toiletry Bag – for the Practical Commuter

One of our favorite gift items for this year are – without a doubt – the grünBAG toiletry bags.

Our top tip is the transparent toiletry, perfect for travel. We can spot our items without having to open the bag and the material is incredibly easy to clean from occasional make-up spills.


4. A-BAG – for the Minimalist

Red sustainable lady bag for womanA-BAG Medium is a sustainable satchel for all your indispensable belongings of your every day life. The bag has a simple A-shaped design suitable for both workday and festivity. It furthermore has a high format that allows you to carry some extra stuff in case you should suddenly need to bring a bottle of bobbles with you somewhere. Suitable for almost any occasion.

5. grünBAG Sports Bag – for the Aspiring Athlete

Right after Christmas, we will all be rushing to make our final new years resolutions. According to The Telegraph, the number one new years resolution is to work out more. To get a head start, we reccomend gifting our grünBAG sportsbag. Not only is it spacious, sturdy and durable, it also functions as a fantastic travel bag.