Zero Waste Business – from buzz to action that matter

Zero waste business, a big statement, an ambition, a goal….and many question marks. At grünBAG zero waste is part of our DNA as we are founded based on the idea of using materials for our bags that otherwise would go to waste. Surplus materials from tarpaulin production, old liferafts, wasted sails and seatbelts – we see potential in materials, others would give to the trash. It’s the mindset we have for designing our products for you. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. We will take you on a journey through our everyday business life with having zero waste as our ambition at heart.

What is zero waste business as a concept?

Zero Waste International Alliance defines it as follows “Zero Waste means designing and managing products and processes to systematically avoid and eliminate the volume and toxicity of waste and materials, conserve and recover all resources, and not burn or bury them. Implementing Zero Waste will eliminate all discharges to land, water or air that are a threat to planetary, human, animal or plant health.”

In other words, in a world where consumption is growing, and resources are scarce and finite, we are looking for more circular ways of producing in which discarded materials become resources for others. And what does it take to get there? First and foremost change. Changing perspective, habits, and mindsets.

So what do we do at grünBAG?

1. Partner – Keep your eyes open

As a zero waste business you don’t just look inward, you look beyond your own nose. But we don’t need to chase rainbows on the other side of the world. No, think local. Actually it could just be your neighbouring business. Our neighbours at our headquarter close to Aarhus receive deliveries in large cartons, that don’t serve them another purpose. Hence, they’d just go to waste. We saw them waiting to be picked up, and didn’t wait long. Now we use some of them for our larger deliveries to our partners.