red city shoulder bag in danish design from grünBAG

Vegan Bags

Choosing a vegan bag instead of a leather one has a positive effect for the environment, as it helps to reduce pollution and saves animals. That’s why vegan bags is a better choice for a greener future.

In grünBAG we are focused on producing high-quality vegan bags that would last. But most importantly, we want to do it in an eco-friendly way. Therefore, we make our bags from recycled and/or durable materials that were originally intended to withstand industrial wear. This makes the bags extremely strong and durable, while getting the patina that only makes them more beautiful over the years. When you choose one of grünBAG sustainable bags, you have a bag for life!

The bags come in different colors and will certainly stand out from the crowd. All bags are extremely practical and rain-resistant, designed for everyday use.