yellow sports bag in recycled materials from grünbag


grünBAG sports bags are spacious and durable bags. Designed for safe storage of your clothes and equipment no matter what indoor or outdoor sports you grow. The bags come in two sizes, Sport and Sport Maxi. It also offer many practical details such as inner and outer pockets and shoulder straps according to your needs. The bags have a unique story an they are colorful and will certainly stand out in the changing room.

All bags are made in recycled and/or durable materials that were originally intended to withstand industrial wear. This makes the bags extremely strong and durable, while getting patina that only makes them more beautiful over the years. When you choose one of grünBAG sports bags, you have a bag for life.

Since our bags are available in many different materials and color options, it is almost the imagination that limits the different combinations we can make. If you do not exactly find the combination you are interested in, you are always welcome to contact us with your inquiry and we will see if we can make your dream bag!