yellow waterproof backpack from grünbag


grünBAGs Norr BackPack is a spacious, functional and eco-friendly backpack. It is designed to be used in your everyday life – for school or for work. The backpack has one big inner pocket that fits a laptop and two smaller pockets for your smaller belongings like purse, keys, pens and your phone. The bag is ideal for school or work and is very practical, in a busy everyday life.

The bags are made in a minimalistic grünBAG design, and the foldable closing makes the bags adjustable in size. You find the Norr backpack in two different styles. The first is closed with a velcro strap, which makes it easy to access and close the bag. The second closes with a stylist black strap that used to be a life line at life rafts from Viking Lifesaving Equipment.

All of the grünBAG bags are made from reused and/or sustainable materials originally crafted to withstand industrial wear and tear. This makes the bags very durable and resistant, and creates a natural patina that only makes the bags more beautiful with every year. When you choose a grünBAG you have a bag for life.

Why is the backpack called Norr?

Two grünBAG backpacks are named after the first two grandchildren of our designer and founder: Norr og Liv. Besides of being a boys and a girls name, Norr and Liv has another meaning in Danish. Norr refers to the fact that grünBAG is a nordic brand while Liv in Danish means Life and the name is a tribute the beauty of life.