green backpack with leather strap from grünbag


Classic and sustainable backpack from grünBAG. Our Liv backpack closes with a leather strap that gives the bag a stylish and classic look. The Liv backpack also has the wellknown foldable top that makes it possible to adjust the size of the bag if you should suddenly need some extra space.

This sustainable backpack has a minimalistic and stylish grünBAG design. It is a perfect alternative for you who want a sustainable bag that will last for years. Instead of fast fashion this bag will only get more beautiful after years of wear and tear. The bag is spacious (21 l), it is eco-friendly (made from surplus materials) and it is perfect for both school and work.

Why is the backpack called Liv?

Two grünBAG backpacks are named after the tow first grandchildren of our designer and founder: Norr og Liv. Besides of being a boys and a girls name, Norr and Liv has another meaning in Danish. Norr refers to the fact that grünBAG is a nordic brand while Liv in Danish means Life and the name is a tribute the beauty of life.