yellow waterproof backpack from grünbag


grünBAGs BackPacks are spacious and functional all-round backpacks, designed to be used in your everyday life. The backpacks all have one big inner pocket that fits a laptop and two smaller pockets for you smaller belongings like purse, keys, pens and your phone. The bag is ideal for school or work and is very practical, in a busy everyday life.

The bags are made in a minimalistic and modern design, and the foldable closing makes the bags adjustable in size. The bag is closed with a velcro strap, which makes it easy to access and close the bag.
All of the bags are made from reused and/or sustainable materials originally crafted to withstand industrial wear and tear. This makes the bags very durable and resistant, and creates a natural patina that only makes the bags more beautiful with every year. When you choose a grünBAG you have a bag for life.
Our bags come in many different materials and color combinations. If you have not found exactly the combination you are interested in, you are always welcome to contact us with your request. Then we will see if we can create your dream bag!

  • Black sustainable backpack from grünBAGBlack Backpack waterproof and sustainable

    grünBAG BackPack Black

  • Blue backpack in Danish DesignBackpack blue. Vegan bag from grünBAG

    grünBAG BackPack Blue

  • Sustainable backpack. Zero waste backpack from grünbaggreen sustainable backpack from grünBAG

    grünBAG BackPack Green

  • grünBAG BackPack Grey

  • Rygsæk lavet af recycled materialer. Vegan backpack

    grünBAG BackPack Light Grey

  • grünBAG BackPack Red

  • Stylish backpack made of sails. grünBAG sustainable backpackbackpack made of reused sails. grünbag backpack sails

    grünBAG BackPack Sails

  • BackPack sustainable by grünbag

    grünBAG BackPack Yellow