Pay it Forward Friday

In 2018 we introduced Pay it Forward Friday, where we gave away one Alden Backpack for one year. The idea is to show you how durable our GRÜNBAGs actually are. That is why we are hoping to follow this tradition for years. Now our ALDEN bag is back at our headquarters in Denmark and ready to join another GRÜNBAGer for a year full of adventures somewhere in the world. On Pay it Forward Friday 2019 we want to find a new one-year owner. Are you the next one to write history with our ALDEN backpack?

Why Pay it Forward Friday?

We want to inspire others to take on a greener journey. Black Friday is often used to increase sales and offers customers the opportunity to buy more at a lower price. This can result in overconsumption where you buy things you don't really need. We don’t believe in fueling more unconscious consumption of fast fashion and tempting people to buy mass-produced items they don’t need. But, we do believe in the slow fashion movement, in inspiring others to make the right choices, in timeless design and durable quality products that are made in a better way - sustainably and ethically.

Our products are high quality and so durable that you only need to purchase our products once. Use them, care for them and pass them on when you don't need them anymore. We make products that last for years, if not a lifetime, which makes them perfect for the circular market. Even a second-, third- and 4th- hand GRÜNBAG keeps its value, shape and color and we are prepared to prove it!



Quality & Durability year after year!

At GRÜNBAG we value circular economy with a focus on conscious consumerism and long lasting products. That is why we are sending our circular Alden Backpack on its second circular journey this year on Friday the 29th of November.

By entering our giveaway, you can win this exact backpack, enjoy it for a year and pass it on to the next winner of Pay it Forward Friday 2020.



We will launch the giveaway on instagram November 24th! The winner will be picked on Black Friday 29th. GRÜNBAG takes care of all the shipping costs and is happy to make adjustments and reparations along the way in order to create the best experience for the one-year owner of our circular Alden Backpack.
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