Ny grünBAG rygsæk. BackPack Strap

NEW RELEASE: BackPack Strap

We really love to improve og renew our bags and designs. And most of all we love it when we can add more “new” reused materials to our bags. And that is just what we have done with this version of our popular grünBAG BackPack. You have the same spacious og waterproof design and the same inside pockets that easily keep both your computer, your wallet and keys safe. From our cooperation with VIKING Life-Saving Equipment we have a lot of black, durable lifelines that are now added to the backpack as closing straps. The black lifeline is closed with a cool looking buckle from the Danish military.

We always keep our vision of a greener future with less waste og more reuse in sight. Therefore it is always a great pleasure to implement “new” materials that is wasted elsewhere. In that way we give it a new life and we love it.

New backpack strap in 4 different colors

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