Ny kollektion af REDGREEN by grünBAG tasker


Classical design, quality and sustainability

With the collection REDGREEN by grünBAG, two Danish brands have joined forces to create a collection of functional and sustainable bags. The collection inspires life in white sails, which have long been used for propulsion on various sailboats. The recycled white sails are both beautiful and stylish with fine, unique details. In addition, it has some outstanding features for task design due to its abrasion resistance and ability to hold shape.

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Danish Design of Sustainable Bags

With a big heart for sustainable design, GrünBAG has been working for 10 years to recycle some of the many materials that end up as waste. In other words, grünBAG transforms waste materials into different collections of quality bags that combine functionality and design for all sales needs. Today, grünBAG offers a wide range of colorful bags made in various recycled materials, such as trucking, bigbags, redning fleets, advertising banners and beautiful white sails.

Stylish bags with Nordic soul

REDGREEN is a Danish lifestyle born in 1983. Inspired by the active life in nature, in the city and at sea, REDGREEN is behind collections that can be used both for seasons, for sports and for everyday life.

The changing seasons of the Nordic countries, the coasts, the sea, the forests and the beaches are the benchmarks for REDGREEN’s design compass. Since 1983, they have designed high quality clothes with a stylish and simple expression.

REDGREEN writes : “At REDGREEN, however, we are not afraid to set sail against new waters where we can explore and create new adventures. Therefore, we not only dress but also glasses, bags, shoes and interior “. This lifestyle universe is grünBAG now embarked on.

With REDGREEN’s maritime and Nordic design DNA as a navigator and with grünBAG’s strong vision and expertise in sustainable design, we are proud to present:


All REDGREEN by grünBAG bags are designed from a strong zero-waste vision. This is partly reflected in our use of sustainable and recycled materials, and partly in the high quality of our bags. This means that all bags from REDGREEN by grünBAG can last for everyday use.