Merry Christmas from all of us at grünBAG

Christmas is just around the corner. We are wrapping our last gifts, shipping out the last orders and writing our last Christmas Cards, before the big day.

Thanks to our wonderful grünBAG Nissemand, our presents are prepared, cookies are baked and all we have to do is make our way to our loved ones and cosy up for the holidays.

We Reflect on This Year with Joy and Gratitude.

grünBAG started from the wish to create an eco-friendly and ethical alternative to a fast fashion concept. Helen, the designer and founder of grünBAG, believed in the notion that change starts with oneself.  She took it upon herself to be part of the change she wanted to see and founded a company built on the wish to inspire positive environmental change.

Today, our team of 6 works hard on realising Helen’s mission by reusing waste materials and transforming them into durable sustainable bags.

At grünBAG, we consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to work together in an open space and couldn’t be more grateful for the “grünBAG fam” that has formed over the years.

To our Inspiring Influencer Friends

We have also connected with some incredible people this year. We collaborated with inspiring bloggers like Immy from Sustainably Vegan and Alden from Ecocult, our wonderful bloggers from the Ethical Writers Coalition and many more. Seeing all of their content and their honest reviews, we consider ourselves fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with many more in the future.

Our Biggest Thank You Goes to…

Our biggest thank you, however, goes to you, our customers. We get so excited every time you tag us in one of your grünBAG pictures. The feeling of knowing that people around the globe connect and support what we do is our biggest motivation.

We listen when you talk and value your input. Your engagement is what continues to inspire us to be better and do better.  And for that, we thank you!

We are looking forward to many more years with you all. We cannot wait to come back in the new year with new ideas, ready to take on whatever may come.

Merry Christmas and lots of love from

Your grünBAG team

julehilsen fra grünBAG

grünBAG Last Minute Gift Guide

Still looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones?

Well, since our Danish Nissemand came early this year and gave us quite a lot of great ideas, we have decided to share 3 tips for great and sustainable last-minute gifts with you.

Christmas Gift Guide1. Give experiences

In our eyes, there is nothing more wonderful than connecting with others.

Giving the gift of quality time is not only a great last-minute gift, but it is also a great way to catch up and unwind after the busy holiday season. Be it a visit to the museum, tickets to the theatre or a day of ice bathing and sauna afterwards, we can’t think of a better gift to receive this Christmas.

2. Food

Our office is known to be the place you will always find chocolate in. Especially during the busy holiday season, nothing is more appreciated than a box of freshly baked Christmas cookies, a bottle of local glogg or a basket of fresh clementines. Don’t underestimate the power of a great food gift. It is always appreciated and a fantastic choice for a last minute visit.

3. Gift Cards

GrünBAG Gift CardWe truly believe in giving gifts that create value. In our opinion, the purpose of presents is to give something that people will love and care for. Especially for our Zero Waste friends, grünBAG provides virtual gift cards for our online store where people can pick and choose what they want. We ship our product in biodegradable packaging with a recycled plastic sleeve for the address and bill. Giving a gift card is a great last minute gift, especially for those friends don’t know their exact preferences of.

What are your last minute go-to’s? Connect with us on Instagram and let us know.

Greenify Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas is fast approaching and so is the abundance of Christmas decoration options available to us.

Inspired by our founder Helen, who comes up with a new creative way to build an eco-friendly Christmas tree out of upcycled material every year, we found 3 different ways to greenify this year Christmas decorations.

1. Edible Christmas Decorations

Gingerbreadmen might just be our favorite way to decorate our tree. Simply use a gingerbread recipe of your choice and get creative. We love the endless options when it comes to shapes and gives the tree a personal touch. Perfect for a cosy family Sunday.

2. Second-Hand for the win

grünBAG åbningstider i decemberAt grünBAG, we are a big fan of upcycling (Duh ;-)).

At the office, all of our Christmas decoration is upcycled from things we already had. This year, our redesigner Christina made stunning stars out of the leftover scraps from our grünBAG Backpacks.

We also use leftover paper from order to create beautiful Christmas ornaments and window stars. This option is affordable, fun and really gets us into the Christmas spirit.

3. Buy consciously

Christmas giveaway clutchThere is nothing wrong with not having the time to DIY. Believe us, we know the challenge of prioritising around the holidays oh too well. In that case, Christmas markets are our best bet. Go for local, handmade and look for materials like wood, stainless steel, glas and paper. They will last you for more than one season and save you money in the long run.

We would love to see your sustainable Christmas decorations, tag us in your Instagram post, we will share our favorits in our Instagram stories!