Have you ever considered what working in a small sustainable company would be like? 6 months ago Florine started to work with us at GRÜNBAG. Florine is the most smiling and likable German person you can imagine and besides translating our entire website into German she also coordinates our collaboration with international influencers to spread the knowledge of all our eco-friendly bags. Florine is no less than a wonder woman and besides being a student in Denmark and a GRÜNBAG employee she also runs her own blog, The Wasted Blog, where she explores and describes a zero-waste lifestyle. In her latest blog post, she focused on the topic “Working in a small sustainable design company”

Florine writes: “The company is structured in a tight-knit yet highly productive manner. While I am in the marketing department led by Sille, an absolute powerhouse and natural badass, the heart and soul really are the “redesigners” Anne and Christina, led by the founder of the company, Helen Leegaard. With Jens Peter overlooking the administrative chores, that would sum up all employees at GRÜNBAG

Helen, Jens Peter, Christina, Anne, Florine, and Sille are covering all necessary fields of work from design, production, marketing, e-commerce, finance, and sales, all of which take place in our creative hub in Aarhus, Denmark. One large bright room where the industrial machine is never silent and where the hands behind the keys to this post also take part in the design and production processes when needed. The distance between having a brilliant idea to putting it into action is never far. That and the fact that everyone has close knowledge of all areas of work is probably the particular characteristic of working in a small business.

Our focus on creating sustainable and eco-friendly bags means really high quality of all our bags. Our bags must be durable for everyday use for many years. Therefore we always choose the strongest materials and we test all our models before putting them on our webshop. Should you, as a customer, experience that a strap or sewing wears out, we also offer to repair the bag to extend the life of the bag. Working for a greener future with less waste makes sense to and motivates all of us at GRÜNBAG.