At the core of our work is that we rethink the potential of materials. We want to rethink the usability of the things we throw out. From old seat belts, discarded white sails and colorful truck tarpaulins to recycled plastic bottles, we strive to rethink and reuse materials to create fashion with a unique story and exclusive Danish design. Furthermore, we are focused on creating bags that are able to cope with most challenges presented by everyday life! Bags that will last for years and not go to waste like a fast-fashion item. In order to reduce future waste, the purpose of GRÜNBAG is to make high-quality bags that last. We thus have high demands on the quality and durability of the materials we source. A main source of these durable materials is old life-rafts from our partner Viking Life-Saving Equipment.

A VIKING life-raft is often the last means of rescue in an emergency. This means that not only the life-raft itself, but every single component on board, must be able to perform flawlessly while withstanding the dramatic forces of nature!

VIKING Life-Saving Equipment

VIKING is a global leader in marine and offshore safety. Founded in Denmark in 1960, the company employs over 2000 people and operates more than 70 branches and 260 servicing stations all across the globe. VIKING supplies and services first-class life-saving and safety equipment to passenger and cargo ships, offshore installations, fishing vessels, navies helicopter services, fire departments, and leisure yachts.

VIKING life-rafts are in use onboard some of the world’s largest and most advanced vessels, where passengers and crewmembers rely on them to save lives when it matters the most!



Everyday bags in strong Danish design

Our VIKING Lifebags are the result of this creative cooperation between GRÜNBAG and VIKING Life-Saving Equipment, combining the best of recycling and industrial design, to create a truly unique product guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. These bags are constructed out of durable fabric, primarily used for life-rafts. Thanks to quality materials made to endure a life on the seven seas, our one-of-a-kind VIKING bags ensure that your belongings are kept safe for years on end. 

We are beyond excited about our strong collaboration and the close relation we have with our partner. After years of cooperation, the employees at VIKING have trained eyes to spot the right materials for our bags when they do the sorting and handpick the materials suitable for the bag production.

And this is just the start, imagine how many other materials there are out there that have rethinking potential. We are constantly looking into new collaborations and materials to be rescued.