One might wonder “What is so great about vegan bags?” And the answer would be almost everything because vegan means cruelty-free and allows millions of animals to live happily without being slaughtered for their skin. In fact, around 1 billion animals are raised and killed every year just for their skin. Most of us tend to think that leather is just a by-product from the meat industry (that the skin was used of those animals that were killed for meat). Unfortunately, the reality is different and the leather industry is just as harmful as the meat industry since they both raise animals for separate purposes.

Choosing vegan bags helps to prevent pollution

Besides these poor animals being hurt and slaughtered in inhumane ways, it also requires enormous amounts of water, energy, and land to breed them and manufacture the leather. The pollution factor is significant here because intensive animal breeding is responsible for almost one-fifth of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. And it also pollutes in many other ways as animal waste, chemical products, etc. Furthermore, world hunger could be decreased if the breeding was diminished, as we would save loads of corn and soybeans that are now fed to animals.

Vegan bags for a greener future

Buying leather bags means supporting this massive animal breeding and the negative effects that it has. That is why vegan bags are a better choice for a greener future. In GRÜNBAG, we are focused on producing high-quality vegan bags that would last. But most importantly, we want to do it in an eco-friendly way, therefore 90% of the materials we use are recycled or upcycled. We work hard to incorporate a zero-waste approach into our company. We hope to inspire other companies to rethink the usability of the things we throw and consider recycling.  

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