The Story Behind the Alden Backpack

This sustainable backpack was developed in collaboration with a well-known American journalist and founder of, Alden Wicker. Alden and her husband are currently traveling the world, and she was in need of a backpack that is stylish enough for the city, but practical enough for hiking and rainy weather. So GRÜNBAG developed a backpack that meets the needs of long-time travelers and digital nomads: spacious, durable, water-resistant, and Instagram-able. It fully retains its shape, does not collapse, and does not require a rain cover in case of monsoon.

The Alden Backpack has more practical pockets than any other GRÜNBAG before. There are two pockets on each side for your water bottle and either your reusable coffee mug, a camera lens, camping utensils, or whatever else you need at hand. A zippered pocket on the front of the bag is hidden underneath the fold-down flap, to hide your mobile phone, wallet, or other valuables from pickpocketers. Inside, you’ll find a lined computer pocket for a 13″ laptop, plus two small pockets, and a large A4 pocket for magazines or notepads. This backpack has a shockingly slim profile even when stuffed to the brim!


As a last special detail, our Alden Backpack is hand-sewn in our studio in Aarhus, Denmark from 90% recycled Danish materials.  If you’re looking for something sustainable, zero waste, or vegan, our Alden Backpack ticks all the boxes. You’ll find Alden Wickers post about GRÜNBAG here.

Look what fits into the Alden Backpack

Height: 42-51 cm (can be folded)
Width: 30 cm
Depth: 14 cm

Alden Backpack – the eco-friendly travel backpack

The backpack consists of leftover material from tarpaulin production in Denmark. We collect the material that is cut off for producing truck covers and party tents: never used, but nevertheless would otherwise be put in the landfill. The material is durable and does not lose much color or shape, and it is exactly this strong material that you can find in the majority of our GRÜNBAG bags and the Alden Backpack.

The fabric of the shoulder straps is made of recycled plastic and is lined with a soft fabric made of large thermal suits, which we get from Viking Lifesaving Equipment. The same thermal material is used to line the internal computer bag. The other inside pockets are made from mesh banners, which were used as advertising banners in Denmark. 


A versatile backpack

Although the backpack was designed with the inspiration and perspective of a traveler, it has many other uses. For instance, we already have demand from students looking for a school/uni bag. Are you the adventurer or rather need a backpack for hiking, cycling, or sailing or do you need an everyday pannier that keeps your computer safe and secure? Our GRÜNBAG Alden Backpack covers these needs without a shrug.

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