The sustainable lifestyle blog, Sustain Daily, focuses on sustainable everyday habits. Based on our GRÜNBAG backpack, they take us on a trip. Visually, it is a tour de Copenhagen and, in substance, our habits are thought into a sustainable everyday life. In other words, you get a bullet list with all the sustainable habits that you can put in your backpack.

Room for good habits

Excerpt from Sustain Daily's post:

"We have had the backpack with us for a couple of days, and can easily say that there is room for the good values ​​- as well as everything else that every day brings. Because if you want to produce less rubbish, for example, it is a good idea to think ahead and bring small gadgets on the go ".

The things we always bring along:

A tote bag for grocery shopping. It is so easy to fold a cotton tote in the backpack

A water bottle. It is both stupid and expensive to buy bottled water. That's why we always remember to bring a water bottle, and that's no problem in a backpack.

A mug for take-away coffee. Some days the desire for coffee is greater than others, and if you bring your own coffee mug, you avoid lots of disposable packaging.

Headphones and bicycle keys. Two little things that make our day (and bike ride) much better. Keep them in the small backpack pocket along with other things you want to grab quickly.

Things that also fit in the backpack:

A computer. It can either lie loose in the bag or in its own net pocket along the back.

A camera.

The packed lunch.

A pair of mittens and a scarf if the temperature suddenly changes.

A good book.

Extra purchases.

The backpack can be made higher or lower depending on your needs, which is a huge plus. It is available in the fine colors that you can see in the pictures here in the post, a classic black or more pang colors if that should be something.


Sustainable Materials and Design

Our backpack is made of the material that is left in the production of truck coverings. It is a super durable material that can last for a lifetime for many years. The durability of the tasks plays a big and important role when we choose materials and designs for our bags. It has also been observed by Sustain Daily. They say, among other things, that “ is a Danish company that is permeated by good habits. The company’s goal is to transform waste material into quality bags, and that has been so successful. For their products are made of industrial materials, which are made to last for a long time, withstand great pressure, and wear. Therefore, the bags will only be more beautiful over time“.

Thank you so much, Sustain Daily, for the fine blog post.