Blogindlæg fra Sustain Daily om grünbag tasker

Beautiful bags for sustainable habits

Sustain Sustainable Lifestyle Blog, Sustain Daily, puts today’s blog focus on sustainable everyday habits. Based on our grünBAG BackPack , they take us on a trip. Visually, it is a tour of the Copenhagen storyliv and, in substance, our habits are thought into a sustainable everyday life. In other words, you get a bullet list with all the sustainable habits that you can put in our BackPack.

Sustainable backpack for the bike ride - green green backpack

Sustainable Materials and Design

Our BackPack is made of the material that is left in the production of truck coverings. It is a super durable material that can last for a lifetime for many years. The durability of the tasks plays a big and important role when we choose materials and designs for our bags. It has also been observed by Sustain Daily. They say, among other things, that “ is a Danish company that is permeated by good habits. The company’s goal is to transform waste material into quality bags, and that has been so successful. For their products are made of industrial materials, which is made to last for a long time, withstands great pressure and wear. Therefore, the bags will only be more beautiful over time “.

Waterproof Backpack - Gray grünBAG BackPAck

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